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May 26, 2015

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City Of Livonia


• Service all heating systems and all gas-, oil- or coal-burning appliances by a technician annually.

• Install a battery-operated and electric-powered carbon monoxide detector in your home and check or replace the battery when you change the time on your clocks each spring and fall. If the detector sounds, leave your home immediately and call 911.

• Contact a doctor if you believe you have carbon monoxide poisoning.

• Do not use gas-powered devices such as a generator, grill or stove inside your home, basement or near a near a window or door. Generators should be operated more than 15 feet from the home.

• Do not run any gas-powered motor inside a closed structure, such as a garage.

• Do not heat a home with a gas oven.

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Manuals & Cheat Sheets
Updated On: Sep 27, 2010

Knowing how to operate all of our equipment can be worrisome. This is because we learned on older equipment at tech school. Operate array gear on the team, other departments and teams, and at different schools we’ve attended.

Over the last few years, the team has doubled its inventory, continue to add new technology. And at times, find it extremely hard to train everyone on each piece of equipment.
Like any other skill, you lose it if you don’t use it. So, our “street smarts” kicked in and we developed “cheat sheets” for all of our equipment. We laminated each sheet and stuck them in each case. Now, every member on the team is able to retrieve the specific item, start it up and place it into service.
We’re not big fans of reinventing the wheel. Actually, we like the KISS method, and had grate success with this. If you have a different way, and it works for you, don’t change it.
You are free to use, change or modify them. The only thing we ask is that you give credit where credit is due.
If your team uses “cheat sheets”, and would like to share them. Please email them to me and I’ll post them.
Hope they help your team.
Michael J. Magda
Hazardous Materials Specialist
Western Wayne County HMRT, Livonia Fire & Rescue


APD2000 TM 2.0.pdf
AreaRAE Manual.pdf
Cheat Sheet for 742 DRD.doc
Cheat Sheet for AreaRAE's.doc
Cheat Sheet for Canberra Inspector 1000.doc
Cheat Sheet for Drager CMS (Chip Set).doc
Cheat Sheet for Eagle.doc
Cheat Sheet for IM-238 HDER-G01.doc
Cheat Sheet for Ludlun 3 Survey Meter.doc
Cheat Sheet for Micro FID.doc
Cheat Sheet for Orion.doc
Cheat Sheet for Radiagem 4000.doc
Cheat Sheet for Ultra-Radic.doc
Cheat Sheet on AP4C.doc
Cheat Sheet on APD2000.doc
Cheat Sheet on MCB2.doc
Cheat Sheet on MiniRae 2000 PID.doc
Cheat Sheet on MSA Sirius Multigas Detector.doc
Cheat Sheet on MutiRae Four gas.doc
Cheat Sheet to add AreaRAE's to network.doc
Cheat Sheet to Assign AreaRAE's Unit ID #.doc
Decon Manul.pdf
Dupont PPE.pdf
Cheat Sheet for HCN.doc
Ludlums 3.pdf
MSA Fivestar Manual.pdf
MSA Sirius Manual.pdf
MultiRae Cheat Sheet P2_Rev1.pdf
MultiRae Cheat Sheet Page 1.pdf
MultiRAE Manual.pdf
Orion Manual.pdf
RKI Eagle Manual.pdf
RKI GX-2001.pdf
RKI GX-2003.pdf
Scott bottle parts list.pdf
ToxiRAE II HCN.pdf
Field Screening Sheet.pdf
guide for the selection of PPE.pdf
Cheat Sheet on TruPoint Refrigentant Leak Detector.doc
Cheat Sheet on ToxiRAE II Personal Toxi Gas Monitor CO.doc
Cheat Sheet on RKI GX-2003.doc

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